2020 | 共1集 | 普遍級 | 紀錄片 | 30分鐘 |  排灣族語、中文



Cemudas djaljapayan of Liangshan tribe in Pingtung Ma's hometown flew back to his hometown for many years to establish "Feather and Dancing Art", dedicated to promoting tribal traditional ballad collection, music talent training and artistic creation.


Cemudas transforms the sacred and important asset of the Paiwan tribe-clay pot into the soul and core of the art performance. Each hit by the performer is a self-talk and reflection, and each performance is also a promotion of Paiwan culture .


The theme of the film is cultural inheritance and innovation. Therefore, in addition to shooting the pottery relics still remaining in the tribe, it will also record the tribute of the tribe's old and precious ancient tunes and mouth and nose flute.